Exactly where would be the Miracles Concealing When you are Lower as well as Away?

Hard times test us. They challenge our beliefs that The Universe is a beautiful place, that we are supported in what we want to accomplish within our lives, and they especially challenge our belief in ourselves.

I know. I’ve been there, and sometimes still return to that Doubting Door, poking my head in to the Room of Despair.

I really don’t enjoy being in that room, so I work tremendously hard to help keep my entire life, and my inner reality, out of this dark room.

But sometimes, and I’m sure you’ve experienced this in your own life, sometimes it gets really, very difficult to stay awake and alert to the miracles within our lives a course in miracles apple podcast. Today I was speaking with a couple I’m coaching, and that’s exactly what we finished up speaing frankly about: How hard it is to stay awake of despairing habits and patterns that sap our energy, make us not want to continue to test, and get us to believe that we’ll not have our dreams come true.

Where are the miracles then, Oh Miracles Coach?!!

Believe it or not, that answer to that question rests within the language of the question itself. All we need to do, and I am aware it’s difficult to do sometimes, but all we need to do is change the spirit of this question.

So instead of asking this question as if we’ve been cheated or tricked about miracles being all around us, we simply shift the spirit of the question to at least one of wonder and curiosity.

So we ask, “Yeah, where ARE those miracles hiding in my entire life today? Allow me to see if I could locate them!” And we follow that search.

Here’s a listing of miracles I made recently, when I was feeling challenged to stay’up’about my coaching business:

Miracles Around Me:

–My children are doing great, in life and in school

–My relationship with my son has opened more, and we’re having more fun together and connecting.

–My relationship with the special person in my entire life goes really, really well.

–I’ve created five distinct but interconnected spiritual groups in my entire life which can be very cool to be involved with.

–I led a speech on Mahatma Gandhi, talking with today’s war situation, and it was very well received.

–I came near to the end of a successful four years leading my daughter’s school’s PTA as VP and President.

–I’m now President of the Santa Fe Business Network.

–My spiritual life is rich, rewarding, and provides me with spiritual connection all day long.

–It’s springtime in Santa Fe, and that’s hard to beat for beauty!

–One group here has celebrated three of the year’s 8 Great Festivals from my heritage, the Celtic Tradition, and it’s been sweet and wonderful, and I’m leading them each time.

Wow, that’s cool to review this list again! It inspires me to appear further for the good in my entire life, and to see more and more miracles.

Here’s my suggestion: Grab your laptop or an item of paper, and make note of your personal listing of wonderful aspects in your life. Do it now. You’ll begin, I’ll wager, as you move down your list to feel precisely what I felt: “Wow! My life goes well!”

Where are those miracles hiding when we’re down and out? Right under our noses. Do it now. Why wait another minute to get your personal miracles?

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