Hamburg Travel Manual: Best Things you can do and find out

Hello Hamburg, you beautiful city! For us, it absolutely was love at first sight with this northern port city of Germany. Over time, we visited this Hanseatic city on several occasions. Now it’s time for you to collate all our tips and recommendations for Hamburg into this detailed travel guide.

In this blog article, we shall share with you what you may anticipate on a city trip to Hamburg and where to get the most beautiful sights. Plus, you will find our best strategies for cafes, restaurants and things to do. By the end of the article, you may also find an interactive map with the recommendations we’ve mentioned here Visit for travsel info about hamburg.

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Honestly, we don’t think we have ever met anybody who did not like Hamburg. If you like Port Cities and maritime scenes, then you will like Hamburg. There is water everywhere around and through the entire city: whether it’s by the harbour on the Elbe, or the pretty Speicherstadt, or at the Alster.

Interesting facts to know: Hamburg is huge and an extremely sparsely populated city. You can get around the city in short order and most of the highlights are either within walking distance or could be reached via the U-Bahn and S-Bahn trains.

Simply how much time should you spend Hamburg?
As the title with this blog article already suggests, this short article is for many who are considering going away for a weekend and experiencing Hamburg in only several days. However, if you have more time for you to spend, then we’d certainly recommend you remain for an additional night. In our opinion, four days is the best period to essentially experience Hamburg for the first time. This way, you may also have enough time for you to explore more local places off the beaten track.

When is the best time to see Hamburg?
We ourselves have visited Hamburg in each of the four seasons and can make sure no matter which season, Hamburg is always worth a trip. Good to know: the current weather here is heavily influenced by its geographical location, therefore, it experiences quite a wide range of rainfall. We’d suggest bringing an umbrella or a rain jacket with you just in case Visit for travsel info about hamburg.

Personally, we like summer in Hamburg: the temperature is super nice and the occasions are long. It’s usually not as hot, however, you do get the odd exceptions now and again. (Even we got caught in a decent heat wave during certainly one of our visits.) Spring and Autumn may also be very beautiful seasons for a trip to Hamburg.

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