Learning to make Real cash by simply Watching Movies.

The Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX) has been around since 1998. This site allows people to purchase and sell virtual shares of movies and actors.

How Does it Work?

Whenever you subscribe for HSX, you’re given 2,000,000 virtual dollars to start with. You can then make use of this money to purchase stocks ดูหนังฟรี of upcoming movies. The same as in the true stock market, each movie has its IPO (initial public offering). If an inventory posseses an IPO of $35, then meaning it is estimated to gross $35 million at the box office. If you believe that it will earn more income than this, then you can get the stock.

Usually the IPO for an inventory will occur far before its release date. Sometimes a successful movie’s sequel will be put into the stock exchange a long time before it really gets made. Up to the release of the movie, the stock will progress or down depending on the demand for the stock. Depending how the stock performs at the box office, the stock will ultimately settle, and the value will be deposited back in the user’s account.

So if we’d bought 100 shares of the $35 IPO, and it finished up making $50 million at the box office, you would receive a $15 profit per share. If you believe a movie will perform poorly at the box office, you can also sell the stock short and profit when it goes down.

People who bet big on Avatar before it was launched could make quite a bit of profit. Major Hollywood production companies have increasingly turned to HSX to obtain an accurate estimate of the amount of money they can expect to create with a certain movie. It has even shown to be extremely accurate at choosing Oscar winners over the years.

How Can You Make Money with HSX?

People have always been able to make money with HSX over the years. A few of the top accounts have already been sold on eBay and other auction sites for thousands of dollars. However, there’s a fresh development which includes caused everyone to turn their heads and take notice of HSX.

Beginning April 20th, 2010, HSX can become a real-money official derivative exchange underneath the regulation of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission. What this means is that they can be slowly moving far from the virtual-money model and can become a real market.

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