Pet Stores Or Breeder Parrots – Which to choose?

Those who are ready to click with a pet parrot and are looking to buy one have to generate a choice between pet stores and breeders parrots.

Parrots hand-raised by breeders may be a a lot more expensive but this is considered the best alternative for those looking for healthy, well-adjusted birds.

A bird that has been hand-raised by a breeder would have been taken and hand-fed by a human and will be comfortable with the idea of being handled by human beings from a very early age. Ideally, the parrot you bring home should have had this training but should have been weaned of the need for hand-feeding before you bring him home.

Breeders parrots have usually been raised by someone who is following their passion. Such an individual is likely to have invested a lot of time and effort in raising their birds and this involvement is mirrored in the grade of the bird that you get.

Pet stores can seem, in comparison, to be a less personalized environment. Because of the volume of birds in stores, there is the very real risk of a parrot in that environment having some health issues. Having said that, it is important to stress that not all breeders are automatically better than all pet stores – this is an issue that you have to assess on a case by case basis before you make a judgment.

If you opt to look for breeders parrots, you will find that the internet and the local newspaper will provide you with a number of leads. A nearby parrot or exotic bird society may also be a good spot for their find information for breeders.

Once you have your list of breeders, you will have to assess the grade of each of their aviaries and not make your choice based only on the lowest priced. Parrots for sale

In your initial speak to a breeder, you can get an idea of whether the person has been doing it out of a real interest in parrots or as a purely commercial enterprise. This assessment might help in making your choice.

Whatever their motivation, if they are running an operation that is above reproach and are providing proper care for their parrots, you are likely to get a good bird.

A parrot breeder with a fondness for the birds may be able to offer you that non-quantifiable something extra which can be a real bonus. The ones you really want to avoid will be the vendor motivated breeder who is treating it as a mass operation with little regard to birds in their care.

After you get a sense of the breeder, you can request a trip to the aviary to see their birds. Some breeders, who run a closed aviary to ensure high numbers of hygiene, may decline this request and you should not immediately jump to dire results because this is a legitimate reason.

In this situation you should use the entire assessment of the unit to decide. There are other breeders who are willing to let clients walk through and see the parrots in their cages.

If you get this walk-through, think about the overall health of the place. You can take a look at the feeding dishes to see if the parrots are getting variety in their diet and you can get an idea of the health of the breeders parrots based on their appearance.

Good, healthy plumage, cheerful individuality and motivation to interact with humans are signs of a well-adjusted bird. If any of the above; health, diet or quality of the parrots making you uncomfortable, you are best advised to get other breeders. Parrots from aviaries with lower standards could possibly be difficult to manage once you take them home.

Once you have found the right breeder and chosen your bird, you may sometimes have to wait for the bird to be good to go home. It might need to be weaned. It is best to have this happen before you take your pet home as it may otherwise be a stressful experience for the parrot and for you.

A good breeder will help with the initial days of settling down since they can be available for answering questions and concerns. Given their initial involvement in the life of your parrot, they will be your best guides in getting to know your implemented pet. It is in your best interest to build a good relationship with the breeder.

There is no overstating the importance that there is a direct correlation between the grade of the breeders and the parrots. The time you invest in the selection process will be entirely worthwhile as it will cause you to high-quality breeders parrots!

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